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The Ivy+ London Community is a unique private professional platform for the Ivy+ University Alumni Communities in London and the wider UK, which include Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, UPenn, Dartmouth, Stanford, Georgetown, Cambridge, Oxford, and MIT.  Ivy+ London enables members in our respective individual Alumni Associations to connect, network, find professional job and internship opportunities, enhance their professional skill-sets, gain valuable job-search and interview preparation skills, as well as the opportunity to become a mentor or mentee.  We want to bring the combined professional experiences of our community together into a 21st Century platform that will benefit our alumni’s individual and collective career interests.  Our hope is that the Ivy+ London Community will foster new connections between alumni and association members of different universities, graduation years, experiences, and backgrounds, which will cultivate rewarding professional relationships.

To become a part of the Ivy+ London Community, please head to the Ivy+ London platform: http://ivypluslondon.alumnifire.com/.  You will be prompted to register using your existing LinkedIn or Facebook account, or to Manually Input your own educational and professional details.  Once you have submitted your registration details, our Alumni Leaders will check your university credentials against our records to ensure you are a legitimate alumnus/a and are eligible to join the Ivy+ Community.  Pending approval, you will be given access to the Ivy + Community and will be able to add further information about yourself, your availability, and your interests if desired.

Quick Facts about the Ivy+ London Community:

  • Free: The Ivy+ London Community is completely free.  Additionally, the platform does not allow distracting external advertisements.

  • Private Community: We require every alum trying to sign up to be approved by an Alumni Leader to ensure the community is ONLY accessible to eligible alumni and to prevent external access and spam.

  • Easy Sign-up: You can use your existing LinkedIn or Facebook account, alternatively you can manually create your account in minutes.

  • Restrict the number of times you can be contacted by other alums: If you would not like to be contacted at all, or only contacted once a month, you can easily set your preferences and the system will automatically prevent other alums from contacting you once your limit has been reached.  Additionally, all messages run through the platform, so your contact information, (such as email) will only be visible if you would like it.  These steps will help you avoid being inundated by too many messages if this is a concern.

  • Post or Search for Professional Opportunities: You can easily post or search for jobs, internships, shadowing experiences.

  • Participate in Discussion Groups: You can follow discussion groups specific to your industry or groups inclusive of the wider community in order to learn about industry updates, events, or presentations.

  • List what YOU want to GIVE and GET from the Community: Specifically select what you would like from the community, if anything.  For example, you can GIVE interview prep, internships, mentoring, informal career advice, introductions. Alternatively, you can specify if you want to GET a mentor, introductions, resume feedback, etc.  This will help you and others focus more effectively on what your specific interests are. You can change these interests as you need over time.

  • Events: You will be able to attend/suggest professional events and networking events of interest to you.

  • Geographic Flexibility: The platform is very flexible.  There are no geographic restrictions on who can join.  For example, if you live elsewhere in the UK, travel to the UK or London on business, or have a business relationship within the UK or London, you can still actively participate in the Ivy+ London Community as long as you are a legitimate and eligible alumni.  Additionally, you can create a discussion group, specific to your city to help facilitate interactions, for example, a NYC-London Group, where conversations specific to NYC and London can be discussed.

  • Educational Flexibility: If you are an alumnus/a of a university, (or universities) that already have an existing private worldwide community on the platform, you will be able to easily switch between that community and the Ivy+ London Community.  For example, if you are an alumnus of Princeton, you can join the Ivy+ London Community and the Princeton Community.


Please contact Daria, if you have any questions or concerns.

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