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Chocolate Tasting: Choosing the Best for Love

  • 09 Feb 2009
  • 6:30 PM
  • Rococo Chocolates, 5 Motcomb Street, SW1X 8JU. Nearest tube: Hyde Park Corner.

Chocolate has long been associated with love and fittingly, during this tasting, we will explore some of the more subtle attributes of various chocolates so that you can make your choices for Valentine’s Day, secure in the knowledge that you have chosen just the right combination for your special person.

Regardless of your Valentine’s Day plans, you will also simply enjoy an evening of learning more about the mysterious and delicious food of the gods.

Chocolate's reputation as an aphrodisiac originated in South America over one thousand five hundred years ago, where it was thought to have mystical and aphrodisiac qualities by both the Mayan and Aztec cultures - the Aztec emperor, Monteczuma drank fifty golden goblets of chocolate a day to enhance his sexual prowess. So when chocolate was discovered by the Spanish Conquistadors and introduced to Europe by Cortez, it was natural that the Spanish, and eventually, the rest of the world, continued to associate it with love.

We are delighted to have Chantal Coady, the proprietor of Rococo, one of London's finest chocolate shops, conduct the tasting for our group. Chantal founded Rococo in 1983 and has written four books on chocolate. In 1991 she established the Chocolate Society, which is dedicated to promoting interest in fine handmade chocolates. Chantal is such a purist about chocolate that you can frequently find her deep in the jungles of South America in hot pursuit of the ultimate cocoa bean.

Chantal’s latest book, The Connoisseur's Guide to Chocolate: Discover the World's Finest Chocolates, analyses each chocolate in detail, ‘with valuable tasting notes and details of seasonal specialities and availability. Only brands containing the very finest ingredients are included in "The Directory", so that whether you are a chocaholic searching for a new chocolate sensation, or are looking for original gift ideas, this book is the only guide to showcase the very finest chocolates in the world.’ (Amazon)

All attendees will receive a 10% discount on any purchases

Remember Valentine’s Day is only a few days later

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