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Speakers' Series

Find below the list of our most recent and upcoming Speakers' Series, which range in topics from politics, education, psychology and a myriad of other issues.

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Upcoming events

    • 06 Feb 2018
    • 24 Apr 2018
    • 3 sessions
    • 6 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4PZ; can be joined by audiolink

    “Global History Lab ” virtual full-semester seminar with

    Princeton Professor Jeremy Adelman

    Global History Lab covers the full span of world history from 1300 to the present, in every corner of the globe. Major themes include the history of science and health, trade and war, migration, and the changing human environment. PAUK has an extraordinary opportunity to take this full Princeton course with Professor Jeremy Adelman, former Chair of the History Department and a world leader in the field.


    PAUK will have 3 sessions in central London (with audiolink for those outside London), at which Prof Adelman himself will join us from Princeton via live video, answering our questions on his lectures. We will each view the lectures at our convenience, on a private YouTube page; it is a 12-week course, with 24 lectures each in several short segments, which we will spread over 4 months. The videos are here, if you would like to get a taste or get started:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ2JcWIzxHbrU5Qo7nssExJRYdNqYEiIH. A full syllabus will be provided on registration.


    PAUK received the 2017 Innovation Award from the Princeton Alumni Council, for our new series of “Virtual Full-Semester Seminars with Princeton professors, combining taped and live video”. This program is a real revolution in alumni education. Global History Lab is delivered on campus, and over the online learning platform EdX to students from 125 countries; we will have our own private course. Join us on this intellectual journey through time and around the world.

Past events

24 Jan 2018 Princeton Pre-read: "What is Populism", by Jan-Werner Muller
17 Nov 2017 Fellowship Panel at Oxford
18 May 2017 “Bolshoi Confidential: Secrets of the Russian Ballet from the Rule of the Tsars to Today.” Seminar with Simon Morrison, Princeton Professor of Musicology
02 May 2017 "I’d Die For You": Fitzgerald’s newly-published short stories (PAUK’s F Scott Fitzgerald 100th Anniversary Season, part 2)
02 Mar 2017 “Gatsby, Trump and the American Dream” seminar with Prof Sarah Churchwell (PAUK’s F Scott Fitzgerald 100th Anniversary Season, part 1)
29 Nov 2016 “Funny Business: Film comedy during the Great Depression.” Seminar with Maria DiBattista, Princeton Professor of English
04 Nov 2016 “‘Keep the Damned Women Out!’ The Struggle for Coeducation.” Nancy Weiss Malkiel, Princeton Professor Emeritus of History and former Dean of the College (Cambridge)
01 Nov 2016 “‘Keep the Damned Women Out!’ The Struggle for Coeducation.” Nancy Weiss Malkiel, Princeton Professor Emeritus of History and former Dean of the College (Oxford)
31 Oct 2016 “‘Keep the Damned Women Out!’ The Struggle for Coeducation.” Nancy Weiss Malkiel, Princeton Professor Emeritus of History and former Dean of the College (London)
13 Oct 2016 Brexit talk, with David Miles (Imperial) and Chris Giles (Financial Times)
22 Jan 2016 V&A Exhibition and Tour by Curator: Photographer Julia Margaret Cameron
12 Jan 2016 Speaker Series: Dr. Dirk Haubrich on 'Regulation of Virtual Currencies'
17 Nov 2015 All Class Years Alumni Drinks Night
13 Nov 2015 November Young Alum Drinks & Tapas
28 Oct 2015 YaleTech
20 Oct 2015 October Young Alum Pub Night
28 Aug 2015 August Young Alum Bar Drinks
22 Aug 2015 Ivy Schools + Oxford & Cambridge Young Alumni Summer Party
12 Aug 2015 August Young Alum Pub Drinks
31 Jul 2015 July Young Alum Drinks
01 Jul 2015 Book Signing: Economics and Culture in 'The Power of Glamour,' by Virginia Postrel '82
03 May 2015 Afternoon Tea
17 Mar 2015 March Young Alum Drinks
10 Dec 2014 Book Launch: 'Stalin: Volume I: Paradoxes of Power, 1878-1928,' by Stephen Kotkin (Princeton professor)
08 Nov 2014 Graffiti Tour of Shoreditch and Lunch at L'Anima Cafe
08 Oct 2014 A Talk about the Life of Charles Dickens by his great, great, great, granddaughter Lucinda Hawksley
24 Aug 2014 Notting Hill Carnival
18 Jul 2014 London Zoo Lates
28 Jun 2014 Brunch Club: June
10 May 2014 Tour of the Cézanne and the Modern exhibition at the Ashmolean by James Steward, Director of the Princeton University Art Museum
08 May 2014 Yale Speaker Series: Gordon Turnbull -- The Recovery and Publication of the Boswell Papers
30 Jan 2014 ESU: Andrew Miller '98, author of 'Snowdrops'
29 Oct 2013 Book Launch: 'The Blood Telegram,' by Gary J. Bass (Princeton professor)
14 Oct 2013 Book Launch: 'Wilson,' by Scott Berg '71
08 Sep 2013 Princeton University Pre-Read
02 Jul 2013 Book Launch: 'Careless People' by Dr Sarah Churchwell *98
05 Jun 2013 Book Launch: 'The Black Russian' by Vladimir Alexandrov *79
22 Jan 2013 Speakers' Series: Dr Margaret Benefiel '75
30 Jan 2012 Exclusive Pre-Opening Tour of the refurbished Charles Dickens Museum
08 Jun 2011 Speakers' Series: Provost Christopher Eisgruber '83
16 May 2011 Speakers' Series: Patrick Chovanec '92
29 May 2009 Speakers' Series: Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell
20 May 2009 Speakers' Series: Coline Covington '75
04 Mar 2009 Speakers' Series: Mohsin Hamid '93
28 Oct 2008 Speakers' Series: Dean Anne-Marie Slaughter
23 Mar 2006 Speakers' Series: Roxane Farmanfarmaian '77
17 Jan 2005 Speakers' Series: Caroline Stanford, The Landmark Trust
25 May 2004 Speakers' Series: Stephen Mitchell, Head of Radio News, BBC
10 May 2004 Speakers' Series: Edward Lucas
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