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If you have more questions, contact any one of the Board members including your name, class year and contact information. Please direct technical questions to


Our top FAQs. Additional assistance is available by email.


Q: Why does my membership status say 'Certified Membership'?
A: All Princeton alumni, parents and affiliated persons are listed in PAUK's database as 'Certified' upon initial import from TigerNet so that anyone who has set their TigerNet address to "United Kingdom" will receive our new local newsletters and be able to participate in the Forums. We would appreciate if all recipients of the newsletters would Register on the site so that we know that your information is up-to-date. In order to become a Dues-Paying Member, which has specific benefits, please adjust your membership level here and follow the instructions. If you have already paid your dues, your membership level will reflect your category (young, regular, parent or patron).

Q. How do I adjust my membership level and determine whether I have paid my dues?
Once you have logged in with the details provided in your introductory email, click "View My Profile" in the top right corner. There, you will be able to see your current membership level and other information.  You can then pay your dues by clicking "Change my Membership Level" and selecting the appropriate membership from the list.  


Q: Who has access to the information I've provided for inclusion in the Members' directory and where did it come from?  

A: Only Dues-Paying Members of PAUK have access to the directory of Members. Additionally, members can adjust the privacy settings of each individual field so that only certain information is shown. We respect our members' privacy, but also want to encourage more interaction at the Club level. We imported information from TigerNet so that you can simply add or update information as you wish.


Q: How can I register for events?  

A: Our new website has made registering and paying for events even easier. Please head to our main events page and follow the instructions for the event you are interested in attending.
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